Offshore crews are becoming more and more diverse. And with cultural differences come different tastes. The highly trained culinary experts at Cardinal can satisfy the tastes and dietary requirements of any national origin.

Food can be one of the closest ties to home that most people can experience - familiar, reassuring tastes brought together by just the right ingredients, prepared and served in just the right way. That is why we take even the smallest request seriously. At Cardinal we know that what might seem like an insignifi cant detail can turn a simple meal into a major factor in employee job satisfaction.


With our dedication to quality, our expert buyers make sure that only the freshest products are acquired for use in our food service operations. High quality ingredients and fresh produce are transported to the jobsite from all over the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Through strategic partnerships with our many international contacts, we are able to ship premium goods from all over the world at a price that is often below that of lesser quality fare.


We pride ourselves on being fl exible and fast in our decisions, allowing us to respond to nearly any requests. We can adapt our services to meet the needs of the cultural customs and social environment of any nationality.